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Change to Members Cars

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Hi folks. We have made a much needed change to Members Cars in the forum. Originally, Members cars was where you created your own page for your car to show it off and post updates. The problem with it being a page is that when you posted an update, members could not go straight to the last post you made on the page, instead having to scroll through the whole page from the beginning.

Sooooo, we have added a forum called "Members Cars" which works the same as all other forums. The original "Members Cars" (the page) is now called "The Garage" and still works the same as before. Only difference now is, when you create your page in The Garage, it automatically creates your forum topic in Members Cars. so makes it easier for members to follow your latest car updates. If you add a reply to your "Garage Page", it is also added to your forum topic in Members cars. Replies to your forum topic however are not added to your Garage page, which keeps the garage page free from the clutter of replies etc. You can add updates with photos to the main Garage page (or just do it in the forum topic) and then reply to members posts about it in the forum topic, again, keeping your page free from clutter.

Members can follow your cars updates so much easier by clicking on the little date mark which will take the to the last post made. We have also added a "Latest Members car Update" block to the forum so you can see instantly the latest updated project threads.

Good news is, you don't have to do a thing. The new Members cars forum topics have been created for you!

We hope you like the latest update to the way the forum works and hopefully find it makes things easier to get to.



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