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Mindy's mini-me!

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So, as I've been ill recently (had a heart attack while working in the garage) I'm not allowed to work on my cars until I recover. Well, decided to build the suspension on the MX5 (aka Mindy), fit the brake discs and calipers, oh and respray the car!

Not the real one of course! I was lucky to get two identical models of the MX5 for my Christmas (one from Gayle my wife and the other from my eldest stepdaughter and her husband) so decided to chill out and build one of them.

Model is 1/24 scale by Tamiya




Got some parts painted prior to building. Brake discs with red calipers, exhaust, shocks with red springs (slight deviation from the instructions but just my preference). Also did front and rear wishbones, front rear subframes and all other parts.



Detailed the underbody tub, so exhaust, petrol tank , bottom of engine etc all done.




Rear suspension etc all ready to build



Front suspension all built and added to tub.




Rear all built and ready to fit






Interior painted and put together. Really proud of my wee wood look gear knob! Mixed various colours to try and get the right look!



The body required sanding down with fine wet and dry as there were a lot of casting marks that I wasn't happy with.




Decided to buy proper "Mazda Classic red" paint from Halfords (part of my ocd thingy!) Resprayed the body, but not too happy with the finish so that will be getting done again. Even though I used paint prep wipes, and a plastic primer, the paint seems to have reacted with the plastic so truned out pants (well, in my opinion anyways!) so deffo redoing that. Final pics are of the completed model. When I build the second one, I'm going to use a different glue too as the one I have is also crap, quite stringy.

Anyway, totally enjoyed building this, really theraputic. Looking forward to the second one! Oh, I haven't put any of the number plate decals on as I'm making my own (which will be same as Mindys!)






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What a brilliant project for a man that just had his heart cylinder liners replaced.....idleness just ain't in your makeup Dave so enjoy your journey back to full fitness.

Gotta agree the paint finish is shocking.......maybe you'll be needing a barrier undercoat ?

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Yes, considering it was sprayed it looks pants. Thing is, when I'd just finished spraying it, the finish looked spot on. It's only since drying completely it went like that. Thinking Halfords paint is maybe just had, as I've never got a decent finish from any paint bought from them.

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So, started building model number 2 but also decided I wasn't happy with model number 1 so it was stripped to it's body again!

1b stripped down again for repainting.jpg

Can see just how bad the paint was...

1b stripped down again for repainting2.jpg1b stripped down again for repainting3.jpg

1b side by side shows how bad paint is.jpg

Sanded model 1 down again ready for painting...

1b sanded down prepped for paint.jpg

Decided against using the Halfords paint and instead bought some Humbrol model spray paint in bright red. Resprayed model number 1 and model number 2 at same time.

Model number 1 looking much better this time around!

1b re[ainted looks much better.jpg


Also decided to "upgrade the interior on model 1 to same as model 2. I painted it up like it had the wood rim steering wheel, gearknob and centre console trim

1b finished interiors.jpg

And some photos pf the two models. All decals on except for the number plates which I'm making myself on laptop.

1b first model redone (2).jpg1b first model redone.jpg1b second model finished.jpg1b second model finished2.jpg1b second model finished3.jpg1b second model finished4.jpg1b second model finished5.jpg1b side by side finished.jpg

Unfortunately, when trying to remove the rear lights on model 1 before respraying the body, they broke. So these had to be left on and painted over. Once dry, I had to paint the details on the outside of the lights, hence they look different to model 2. Also shows the damage to lights when I tried to remove them. Ah well, only noticeable with the camera, can hardly see it when just viewing the model!

1b side by side finished2.jpg1b second model finished underneath.jpg

On model number 2, I found out that by not using on glue on certain front suspension parts meant that it had working steering! Happy with these two now, one is on the shelf in living room, the other waiting to go onto dashboard of Mindy!

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