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Hi Folks!

It's competition time on Future Classic Cars. The competition is totally free to enter! The prize on offer is the Sornu Qalcomm 3.0 Bluetooth FM transmitter MP3 player. This device allows you to use your current car stereo to play MP3 files. It has 2 USB ports for charging, and a slot for memory cards so you can store all your music on a memory card and play it through your car stereo. Much better than having CD's/tapes rattling around in your car! Depending on the size of memory card, you could have your entire music collection in your car and available at the touch of a button.


It also features Bluetooth for handsfree use of your phone, and a clear 1.44 inch LED display. Just the thing if you prefer to keep your modern classic cars OEM radio or if the one you have fitted doesn't play mp3's/usb and doesn't have Bluetooth.

sonru bluetooth fm transmitter car mp3 player.jpg


The competition runs like this. The first 30 members that join and post in the Future Classic Cars forum will be automatically entered into the competition. The winner will be drawn from those first 30 members to join! Simples, no questions to answer etc, just join and then get posting about your car!

Browsed our forum but not signed up yet? Create your free forum account (only takes a few mins) then let us see your car. Already registered your account? Cool, all you need to do is get posing in the forum!


The winner will be drawn at random when we hit or pass 30 members. Keep visiting the forum for updates on when the draw will take place. We will also be posting this on our Facebook page. If you know friends or family that have a modern classic car, tell them to head over to the FCC forum and sign up! We want to see lots of Modern classics, the more the merrier!

Good luck, and enjoy the site and club!


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Lets get this competition rolling folks! If you know freinds/family/colleagues who have a modern classic, point them to the forum! The quicker we get up to the number of registered members, the sooner we can make the draw! As they say in the Lotto.......It could be you!!!

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