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Modern classics spotted on our holiday in Jersey

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We were on holiday on the island of Jersey this week, and as usual I was car spotting (much to Gayle's annoyance, although she too joined in!). So, what did we spot? Here's the list!

6 Mk1 Mazda MX5's

2 Mk2 Mazda MX5's

1 Ford Escort Mk1 Mexico

1 Ferrari Modena

1 Lamborghini Hurcan

1 Ford Escort mk2

6 Ford Fiesta mk4's

1 Ford Fiesta ST mk5

1 Nissan Skyline R34

3 Peugeot 205's

1 Mercedes 350 SL

1 VW Beetle (1970's)

3 VW new Beetles (1990's)

2 newish Ford Mustangs

2 Honda Civic MC Aerodecks (one was a vti with full VTIS kit)

There were more but can't remember them all off hand just now. Only got photos of the 1st MX5 I spotted and the Civic Aerodeck. Was quite impressed as most of the cars appeared to be in really nice condition. We were away out on a winding coast road in the middle of nowhere when the Ferrari passed us, to be followed 5 mins later by the Mk1 Escort. This had been fully restored and looked like it had just rolled out the showroom, totally stunning and my fav car of the trip.Always wanted one!!

20181003_163824Jersey Oct 2018.jpg20181003_163912Jersey Oct 2018.jpg20181003_164202Jersey Oct 2018.jpg20181004_113817Jersey Oct 2018.jpg


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Holidaying in a time warp has it's advantages xD......pity you didn't get a photo of MK1 Mexico in full flight :(

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