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Your car history! (photos please)

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So over the years, we've all had more than a few cars under our ownership. Lets see what you've had, from your first car up to your present modern classic! Post photos along with your list please if you have any B|

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Ok, let's see if I can remember them all! Click the photos for larger images.

1st (real car) 1975 Hillman Avenger 1200 (Not mine but identical)



2. 1978 Ford Cortina Mk4 2.0GL in Jupiter red (Not mine but identical)



1976 Ford Cortina Mk3 2000E in Diamond white



1979 Ford Escort Mk2 in Beige (yuk!) (not mine but closest i can find)



1978 Mini in British racing green with white roof

My Mini 1275 (front)2.JPG


1973 Ford Cortina 2.0GXL in red



1983 Mk1 Ford Fiesta 1.1 in blue (not mine but identical)

fiesta mk1.jpg


1984 Ford Fiesta Mk2 (was blue until i resprayed it Ford Daytona yellow and turned it into an xr2 looky-likey)

xr2-a-like copy.jpg


1984 Mk1 Vauxhall Nova 1.3 (GTE interior, SR styling. Pictured next to my best mate Jims Mk1 Fiesta back in 1997!)

me and jims cars2.JPG


1973 Ford Cortina 2000GXL in Tawny metallic (Can't find the photos but do have the original newspaper feature on my car from Daily record after I sold it! Loved that car sooooooo much and spent a fortune restoring it from a wreck! Click on image)

my mk3 cortina daily record feature.jpg


1989 Seat Ibiza in blue (not mine but similar)

Ibiza 1 SXi blue.jpg


1993 mk5 Ford Escort LX in Diamond white

rear pass side3.jpg


1996 mk6 Ford Escort LX Zetec in Silver

my escort up hills.jpg


1996 Honda Civic MA8 1.4 electric pack in Orleans blue mica (wee Blue Betty)

civic wi new alloys 003.jpg


1998 Honda Civic 1.8VTi MB6 in Sicillian red mica (fully modded this one myself, only had one owner and 33k on the clock! aka Ruby)



Inherited my late wife's car when she passed away which was being turned into a show car so decided to keep going and now she's kept in the garage and attends shows/meets etc. Introducing DD:

1998 Honda Civic 1.6ESi Aerodeck in Orleans blue mica (fully modded by my late wife and then me)

Dawns_civic_aerodeck (2)dawns_civic_aerodeck.jpg


2011 Honda Civic TypeS GT in Milano red



2008 Honda Civic TypeR GT in Alabaster Silver

IMG_20140708_171139683_HDRRoxy Civic TypeR.jpg


And Current car

2008 MINI Cooper 1.6 in Sparkling Silver



All the above got modded in some way as i don't like my cars standard. Jeese, that's been a blast from the past!!


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