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IMPORTANT! Using "tags" (for search engines) when posting

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When you create the page for your car, or when creating a topic in the forums, you'll see "tags" option underneath the topic title.


You need to add words here which will be relevant to what your posting (car related tags only). So, for example say you are posting something about a Honda Civic, you would click on the tags box then type the word honda (followed by a comma). You'll instantly see your word appear in a box, signalling it's now a tag. The type the word civic (again, every word you use followed by a comma) and so on.

Two we would really like you to include in all content you post are "futureclassiccars" and "modernclassiccars", followed by upto 4 of your own. You could have our two tags then "honda" "civic" "typer" "ep3" The image below shows your tags now set.


Once added, just continue as normal adding your content/photos etc to the topic then submit it.

Adding these simple tags to your topic etc will really help the forum gain good ratings in search engines, and help us to promote the club. The more we appear in top searches, the more members will find us!

Thank you for your help.


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