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Gel's Honda Civic MB2 auto

I bought my X Reg Honda Civic quite cheaply over 3 yrs. ago.  it needed lots of TLC initially e.g. ball joints, drop links, rear exhaust box, lambda sensor and 2 tyres.
3 years down the line it managed to pass the MOT but had advisories for........  rear brake disc's/pads and handbrake pads........worst of all my MOT stated that there was slight corrosion on the rear structure.....when the surface rust was ground down....... the appearance of solid steel meant there was no need for welding
Once I knew the car was structurally sound....I decided to have all the brake disc's/pads renewed and had the underside cleaned and undersealed.......also had the a/c recharged.
The engine and auto box behave perfectly so I may have this reliable budget car for another few years.
Did I mention .....that I've fallen in love with my wee MB2

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  1. Gel

    Blast from the past

    Ya caught me having a senior moment.....couldn't think of "void" and then replaced it with "compliant" .....lol I like the black one with the 4 big spots best, if the red 2000E didn't have the Louvre then that's the one I'd prefer. I never did see a MK3 with split bumpers before.....looks exactly what I would of fancied back in the Day. Did you ever use Lucas H4 headlights instead of the early seal beams ?
  2. Gel

    Gel's Honda Civic MB2 auto

    Yippee ! my MB2 has just passed it's MOT.....cost me £270 but what the heck tis cheap dependable motoring for another 13 months. My insurance is due in a few days time so I now know I have a car worth insuring...... I'm now entering year five with a 19 year old car bought as a stop gap.....The Honda God must be looking down on me.
  3. Gel

    Blast from the past

    I honestly can't remember ever seeing a 2 door Mk3 Cortina in rural Ireland, that's not saying they didn't exist though. I never upgraded a Pinto engine per se but I do remember a friend fitting new springs and Koni adjustables to his 2.0 GXL.....what a transformation. I used to deal in ropey Mk3's from Auction (especially cars that had very noisy camshafts or leaky stem seals). replacing rear axle compliant bushes and front wishbone bushes was the order of the Day back then.....,was dirty hard work but always worth the effort. Dave, I'd be over the Moon if Tam were to join us .....remember rules are meant to be broken....lol
  4. Gel

    Blast from the past

    Was a time when all I knew was Cortina's....they were easy to work on and they were pretty reliable back in the Day. Would be good to see Tam's car on here. I recently met an old boy who had a rough daily Cortina Mk3, it was solid but the engine was slightly smokie on start up. It was a 2 door 2.0 XL (rare)....I've only come across 2 door GT'S.....the guy told me he had refused £50,000.......he had the ability to dream whilst awake....lol Looking forward to seeing your newly upholstered Mindy
  5. Gel

    Mk1 Mazda MX5 (aka Mindy!)

    Now might be the time to invest in a compressor and an assortment of air tools that'll make your life easier from now on Dave. Pace yourself for now and before you know it you'll be throwing away the rule book. Must be a joy to drive a car that's planted and sure footed.....enjoy
  6. Gel

    Mk1 Mazda MX5 (aka Mindy!)

    Tis great to see Mindy sporting her new discs and pads You're playing the long game with Mindy so it may be wise to give your body a chance to recover before you take on any more strenuous work.
  7. Gel

    Hello new member with Mk1 GTI

    "For the love of cars" is another favourite of mine : https://www.channel4.com/programmes/the-lost-lotus-restoring-a-race-car/on-demand/64419-001
  8. Gel

    Another new site we have!

    And Jeremy Crapsome for President.....lol
  9. Gel

    Mk1 Mazda MX5 (aka Mindy!)

    Dave, could the vibration be down to the drive shaft universal joints ? or center carrier bearing ?....a worn carrier bearing mount could cause crashy type noises. I'm terrible with money so the best advice I can offer is.....Keep spending 🏁
  10. Gel

    Mk1 Mazda MX5 (aka Mindy!)

    You have a lot of dirty but satisfying work ahead once you get the ok from the Medics..... he he you must be itching to start seeing as the nice shiny suspension set-up is now fitted. The number plates look brilliant on your new bargain miniature
  11. Gel

    Mk1 Mazda MX5 (aka Mindy!)

    No messing about then....lol Your car must of driven like a lame duck....brilliant to hear Mindy is "on her way to Wembley" sporting her new suspension and Goodyear's.
  12. Gel

    Another new site we have!

    Must have a look
  13. Gel

    Hello new member with Mk1 GTI

    He he the presenters aren't endearing by any stretch of the imagination...false more like....thing is, one of 'em is guaranteed a sale. I too am a massive fan of Car SOS
  14. Gel

    Hello new member with Mk1 GTI

    Another interesting car programme : Modern Wheels or Classic Steals.....it's on Dave TV cira. 7pm daily. https://www.radiotimes.com/tv-programme/e/gy9z4p/modern-wheels-or-classic-steals-episode-guide/
  15. Gel

    Hello new member with Mk1 GTI

    Interesting Edd China pilot programme : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IaW9Sg5NPyE

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