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Gel's Honda Civic MB2 auto

I bought my X Reg Honda Civic quite cheaply over 3 yrs. ago.  it needed lots of TLC initially e.g. ball joints, drop links, rear exhaust box, lambda sensor and 2 tyres.
3 years down the line it managed to pass the MOT but had advisories for........  rear brake disc's/pads and handbrake pads........worst of all my MOT stated that there was slight corrosion on the rear structure.....when the surface rust was ground down....... the appearance of solid steel meant there was no need for welding
Once I knew the car was structurally sound....I decided to have all the brake disc's/pads renewed and had the underside cleaned and undersealed.......also had the a/c recharged.
The engine and auto box behave perfectly so I may have this reliable budget car for another few years.
Did I mention .....that I've fallen in love with my wee MB2

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  1. Unicyclingtom

    Good afternoon squires.

    Might have to import a black one
  2. Unicyclingtom

    Your very first car

    @Dave my uncle owns a Tiger! My first car. 1.1L MK2 Ford Fiesta
  3. Unicyclingtom

    Good afternoon squires.

    Found this photo. Amazing.
  4. Unicyclingtom

    hello from HIGHLANDER

    I knew you'd be fun. after midnight with a little lubrication.
  5. Unicyclingtom

    hello from HIGHLANDER

    Oh no, there are more of you!
  6. Unicyclingtom

    Good afternoon squires.

    Of course you do. Because
  7. Unicyclingtom

    How you found us

    @Dave dragged me in kicking and screaming, he bound me, gagged me and had his wicked way. I rather enjoyed it.
  8. Unicyclingtom

    Random thoughts here

    Lots of time spent doing bank stuff currently! Sorting Mortgage before I become a director and waiting for the bank to get back to me with the money so I can become a director!!
  9. Unicyclingtom

    Good afternoon squires.

    And you can guarantee that the homeward bound journey will be awesome.
  10. Unicyclingtom

    Good afternoon squires.

    So do I, not what I call 'up to date' they are around 16 years old now!
  11. Unicyclingtom

    Good afternoon squires.

    Most of you know me, some of you won't! My name is Tom and I live in deepest Dorsetshire. My list of previous cars includes such future classics as... Mazda 323f GTi Nissan 200sx RPS13 Honda Civic Aerodeck VTi Currently, I personally don't own a car, but my wife has a nice Volvo V50 2.0D I'm currently working on a plan to get myself back into a fast longroof, which hopefully will result in me importing on of these.... A Toyota Crown Athlete V Estate, should tick all my boxes. In the meantime I shall stick with my other hobby of riding mountain bikes!

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