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Mk1 Mazda MX5 (aka Mindy!)

This is the latest addition to our modern classic family! A Mk1 Mazda MX5 1.6 (UK car). I've wanted one of these since the day they were launched back in 1989. Was at the Car show in Glasgow seeing all the new cars, when they pulled the cover off to reveal this gorgeous little red sports car. Was love at first sight, and said there an then I have to have one of these one day! Only taken me nigh on 30 years to realize that dream, but I was a skint teenager back then (now I'm a skint oldie! lol).
As I've been down lately, Gayle my Mrs suggested I needed a new project to help pick me up. She also loves the mx5's, so initial plan was to get a total rust bucket without mot and do a full restoration. After looking at prospective cars, realized that the £1000 budget really did just buy cars that were totally gone. So we upped the budget and came up with plan B! This plan was to buy a decent enough car to start with that just needed TLC, so we spent ages viewing lots of cars that appeared decent but once we arrived to view found they too needed too much work rust wise. Finally found this one which was in Stirling.
So, she's a 1997 UK car (so one of the last mk1's) with 90K on the clock, came with almost a years mot and the chap selling really didn't want to sell her! As everyone knows, all MX5's rot in the rear inner/outer sills and the rear arches. Mindy still has her original arches, but has had the very lower outer sills replaced on both sides. Not the prettiest repair, but look to be a very solid one. Underneath she's solid, and the previous owner has spent a fair bit on her with the welding and also replacing both rear brake calipers. There wasn't a service book which was disappointing, but there are receipts and old MOT's so some history of what she's had done.
Faults we noticed that needed dealing with first were the hood. It was completely shot, and had temp gaffa tape repairs. There was also a really bad vibration when at 65-70mph. These repairs are detailed in later posts.
So here she is the day we arrived home!

We'd literally just arrived home 5 mins before, and I thought I'd get a couple of pics but as I did, Gayle and my step daughter promptly jumped in and off they went for a wee run!! lol
My plan is to restore her to as close to new as I can get, along with some subtle mods. So planning the following:
Replace all suspension including shocks/springs, all wishbones etc then laser 4 wheel alignment Stainless steel exhaust Replace hood fully strip underneath and apply new underseal plus having chassis wax injected. New brakes Rear sills to be replaced by BorderMX5 so done professionally and will be undetactable once done Full respray (in either the original classic red or possibly the new Mazda "Soul red" metallic red.) Custom leather Interior retrim including replacing the seats with tombstone ones New wheels and tyres (Cades Enos with a bit of dish) Fully detailed engine bay Follow her progress in "Members Cars" in the forum.
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  1. Dr_broon

    Rory K's 1994 Toyota Soarer

    Nice! Like it lots, and fair play for going back to the car to finish the rescue 😎
  2. Dr_broon

    Hello new member with Mk1 GTI

    Hello bud 👍
  3. To be honest I think a wash and hoovering of Christmas tree needles would be more appreciated ?
  4. Those trims look nice mate. Tubs didn't get any goodies off santa. Just the steering wheel as an early one.
  5. Dr_broon

    Ho ho ho

    I must be on the sixth set of rear calipers on my aerodeck! Still on the original front ones though. ??
  6. Dr_broon

    Ho ho ho

    Happy Christmas y'all! How come rear calipers are such a rubbish design?!?
  7. Dr_broon

    Hi Guys

    Hello on here as well ??
  8. Dr_broon

    Honda Civic fan heater resistor pack

    Always good to get the fans working again! ?
  9. Dr_broon

    Hi from Falkirk

    My dad's was white.. I always loved it on the back roads ? He worked up near Edinburgh and that's where it kept getting nicked and found by the police. When he got a job near Glasgow it got nicked and that was that.
  10. Dr_broon

    Hi from Falkirk

    Nice. My dad had a silver over gun metal 2.8i when I was a kid. I loved it... Think that's where the petrol in the blood started. Well, that and the white rs2000 he had before it (until it got nicked for the 4th or 5th time and he never saw it again).
  11. Dr_broon

    Gel's Honda Civic MB2 auto

    Once the engine's had a chance to do some decent work the heater works a treat. When I used to use it for the commute though it could not warm up properly for the whole way into work if the traffic was heavy enough (10 miles for up to an hour).
  12. Dr_broon

    Hi from Falkirk

    Hi, welcome along mate.. Nice pair of mx5's ?
  13. Dr_broon

    Gel's Honda Civic MB2 auto

    Cheers, makes sense to me ? I'll give it a shot.. Will probably find that the crud is all that's stopping it leaking ?
  14. Dr_broon

    Gel's Honda Civic MB2 auto

    How do you do that bud?
  15. Dr_broon

    Gel's Honda Civic MB2 auto

    Dunno. I've had the coolant changed a couple of times since I've had tubs, and have swapped the thermostat a few years ago and have not noticed any difference. The heater in my EG used to take ages to warm up as well. Thought it was just a civic thing ? My 1l 205 heater in my first car was amazing ?

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