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Gel's Honda Civic MB2 auto

I bought my X Reg Honda Civic quite cheaply over 3 yrs. ago.  it needed lots of TLC initially e.g. ball joints, drop links, rear exhaust box, lambda sensor and 2 tyres.
3 years down the line it managed to pass the MOT but had advisories for........  rear brake disc's/pads and handbrake pads........worst of all my MOT stated that there was slight corrosion on the rear structure.....when the surface rust was ground down....... the appearance of solid steel meant there was no need for welding
Once I knew the car was structurally sound....I decided to have all the brake disc's/pads renewed and had the underside cleaned and undersealed.......also had the a/c recharged.
The engine and auto box behave perfectly so I may have this reliable budget car for another few years.
Did I mention .....that I've fallen in love with my wee MB2

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  1. RoryK

    Rory K's 1994 Toyota Soarer

    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone and I am glad you guys are enjoying it so far! I do have some more updates coming soon which I think you guys will enjoy
  2. Hi all, I am Rory and this is my 1994 Toyota Soarer which is the 3.0 2JZ Naturally aspirated Automatic (Was badged as a Lexus for some reason but registered in the log book as a Toyota? 🙃) I originally purchased this car roughly 2 years ago for a grand total of £400, it had a blown radiator, bad paintwork and it hadn't been run for sometime.. this is all I knew about it but I took the punt and had it delivered from merry old Scotland. So this is how it turned up... a 'black on black' interiored 1994 Lexus badged Toyota Soarer, the paintwork is supposed to be 202 Onyx black but it's had a bad respray at some point and the lacquer layer had reacted to what looked like some rather vengeful keying... + the following list of 'Minor' issues: Boot literally full of stale water that was spilling over the brim of the boot lid itself Seized front and rear brakes Rotten exhaust which is blowing in multiple places Cracked windscreen 4 flat bald tyres Blown radiator + collapsed hoses Smashed passenger window Broken passenger door lock mechanism Dead battery Dead alternator Missing Aux belt My very own mushroom patch on the back seats Cheap 'Fast car' style front and rear lights It's Naturally aspirated It's Automatic 🤭 Covered in Mould, bird shit and dirt So it's at this point my friends and family thought I was completely mad to take on a car that is clearly destined to the Scrapyard in the sky, or rather be broken and sold for parts as keeping in mind I am also restoring a MK1 Eunos Roadster and at the time I also had just finished a Nissan 200sx s14a project and also a BMW E46 330CI track car which are sadly now long gone. My Mazda Eunos roadster project can be seen here if anyone is looking to burn an hour or so as this is still very much alive: https://www.mx5oc.co.uk/forum/yaf_postst85443_RoryK-s-mk1-Eunos-Build.aspx Anyway back to the Soarer.. it sat on my driveway for roughly 6 months in which time I fitted a new passenger door glass and fixed the door lock mechanism to make it water tight and more accessible! I also fitted a new radiator and new battery, aux belt and second hand alternator from a GS300 which soon had the old 2JZ ticking over with an exhaust that had more holes than a sieve making enough noise to tell everyone the next block over that it has an awesome straight 6 Japanese engine inside 😄 With the above done the old girl deserved a clean and this is how she ended up: So from here a few things took over, like moving home and starting a family and I just did not have the time or funds to support all the mentioned + my MK1 restoration so the Soarer sadly had to go, I sold it to my friends over at Garage D who were going to break it and sell it for parts.... fast forward a year and I find out that my Soarer was still in one piece so I snapped up the offer to buy it back! A sketchy drive home (Trade plates), smoke pouring out of both arches (Brakes all still seized), mushroom patch in the back seats very much alive and kicking again and the dash lights flickering away (Alternator is once again dead) I got the old girl home and on the driveway! also I pulled the spare wheel well plugs out to let the small tsunami in the boot drain out and found the source of the water leak which turned out to be the rear spoiler that I think had been removed for painting and not replaced properly with the rubber washers at some point in its life... I sold the cheapo lights and sourced original front head lights and year correct rear lights, the rear Lexus badge was also removed because it's not a Lexus and I gave the car a much needed clean and quick polish I'm slowly going to work my way through the obvious bits and get an MoT for it before cracking on with much bigger plans! (Turbo conversion for NA+T and Manual Conversion), right now I am working on making it look a little nicer for my neighbours and missus's sake and to keep costs down I am teaching myself how to vinyl wrap and prep body work, no funny colour changes here I am afraid, it's staying gloss black And that's it for now... much more to come soon 😉

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