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Gel's Honda Civic MB2 auto

I bought my X Reg Honda Civic quite cheaply over 3 yrs. ago.  it needed lots of TLC initially e.g. ball joints, drop links, rear exhaust box, lambda sensor and 2 tyres.
3 years down the line it managed to pass the MOT but had advisories for........  rear brake disc's/pads and handbrake pads........worst of all my MOT stated that there was slight corrosion on the rear structure.....when the surface rust was ground down....... the appearance of solid steel meant there was no need for welding
Once I knew the car was structurally sound....I decided to have all the brake disc's/pads renewed and had the underside cleaned and undersealed.......also had the a/c recharged.
The engine and auto box behave perfectly so I may have this reliable budget car for another few years.
Did I mention .....that I've fallen in love with my wee MB2

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  1. Take it easy and don't do anything strenuous before you are ready to.
  2. Enjay

    Hello new member with Mk1 GTI

    Mk1 GTi Cabrio. Very nice. Very nice indeed. The first convertible I ever drove was a special edition Mk1 in white - like lots of white: white paint, white roof, white wheels, white upholstery... It wasn't mine. It belonged to a friend's mum, but I drove it a few times. Way, way out of my price range. Dunno what it cost (it wouldn't have been cheap, and I was a student at the time). It was nice to get a taste of driving such a cool car though.
  3. Enjay

    Hello All

    Ha ha! Amazing. It seems that we have similar tastes. I also has a Fiesta 1.1 except that it was a Mk1 van - stripped it down, XR2 interior and body kit (mostly Mk2 bits), yellow paint and a red "paint splat" decal on the side panels. The wooden floor that replaces the seats in the van version made excellent resonant mountings for some nice beefy speakers. For some reason, despite owning it for about 4 years, I don't seem to have any pictures of it.
  4. Enjay

    Hello All

    Thanks. Yellow cars have been a bit of a thing for me ever since one of my first cars was a Mk1 Capri in Daytona Yellow. I had a Mk1 MR2 for a while (in red) and I had a blue Mk3 a couple of years back too. Personally, I think they look best in yellow though. Here are both MR2s side-by-side: The headlamps on the one on the right have "Simon Tan-style" eyebrows added. I tried to get a set for the other one too, but the fit wasn't as good so I left them off. I've done quite a few bits and pieces with it too though since the above pics were taken so I'll post some more when I get a chance. For what it's worth, here's the Capri:
  5. Enjay

    Hello All

    I just popped across here from the MX5 Scotland Forum. Current future classics... I actually had 2 yellow MR2s (well one was the import version MR-S) until about a month ago. I didn't have the space to keep both plus my daily runners and other cars owned by the rest of the family. :(

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