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Gel's Honda Civic MB2 auto

I bought my X Reg Honda Civic quite cheaply over 3 yrs. ago.  it needed lots of TLC initially e.g. ball joints, drop links, rear exhaust box, lambda sensor and 2 tyres.
3 years down the line it managed to pass the MOT but had advisories for........  rear brake disc's/pads and handbrake pads........worst of all my MOT stated that there was slight corrosion on the rear structure.....when the surface rust was ground down....... the appearance of solid steel meant there was no need for welding
Once I knew the car was structurally sound....I decided to have all the brake disc's/pads renewed and had the underside cleaned and undersealed.......also had the a/c recharged.
The engine and auto box behave perfectly so I may have this reliable budget car for another few years.
Did I mention .....that I've fallen in love with my wee MB2

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  1. Oldspice

    Another new site we have!

    And on that bombshell.......😅
  2. Oldspice

    Another new site we have!

    Personally, I detest these morotists. Bliddy get everywhere. As far as I'm concerned, only Roadster motorists should be allowed on public roads, and all morotists should be banned. Harrumph.
  3. Well done Gayle! Top bird for looking after her investments! ? Fer Chrissakes Dave. Make sure the boogers get the timing right on these stents and keep yourself on a trickle-charge. If not, you'll have an issue getting started in the mornings and run on 3 cylinders. Kick-starting you will be a reet booger. Get well soon ya plonker!
  4. Oldspice

    Hello All

    Welcome Enjay. Everytime I see 'Ol Yeller, I dribble.❤️
  5. New beige folding hood & frame for the Mk1 courtesy SWMBO. Well, a minted used one but utterly brand new. Me got..... 1) A new Tefal electric pressure cooker, which I actually wanted. 2) A rancid bottle of "fake" Southern Comfort battery acid chemical laden pish. Boiled up in France under license. Never seen Kentucky hickory charcoal refining. Pure boak. Good for sauces I guess. 3) Hill-climbing survival/food pack kit..... which I wanted 4) 6000 Lumen triple lens headtorch ....for a variety of uses. Look a bit of a pyscho with it on but hey ho. If I look at you, you get blinded as I kick you in the nuts for any cheeky comments. 5) A case of excellent Frog vinos, 3 red 3 white. 6) Money for tickets on the Waverley to Arran when the season starts. My Papa worked on her & the Jeanie Deans etc. All in all, cannot complain. Rememember the kick in the nuts offer though. No charge.?
  6. Oldspice

    Ho ho ho

    True enough Dave. Former GF of my son had some sort of supercharged version years back. She let me loose in it for around 20 minutes. It was bloody epic in every respect. Way back in the late 70's, I put my company car Hillman Avenger in for a service, and they supplied one of the first ( I think) Honda Civics to hit the UK. Suffice to say...for it's day...it was astonishing to see it rocket off the lights and see the tacho zip round to the limiter...with handling to match...and a decent radio cassette! How loath was I to hand the keys back and go home in......the Hillman. It was bloody epic that wee car...relative to it's era. That's the effect the Mini had on me. However, hers was an early one with the all the gearbox, PAS, and valve gear issues. It was a few days out of warranty and BMW would only go as far as 50/50 on a new head. I don't think a lot of people were too happy to discover the basic mill was a derivative of.....the repulsive Chrysler Neon Bag of Sh+T of all things. I think BMW are well over all the krap now....they seem to be epic little cars. But really...the over sized Countrymans etc ought to be shot in the face.
  7. Oldspice

    Ho ho ho

    Mmm...Not sure about that if you refer to Mx5 ones. TBH, owning 2 for 15 years as we do, never had issues with rear discs...but there is a reason in my opinion & experience. In our cars, frankly rear discs are superfluous. Quality drums would be fine...but would look krap and "unsporting" They do little braking effort work (about 20/25%) and don't like being ignored. I've always clicked the handbrake up when safe & in the dry every other week to get them shiny & toasty like the fronts, and lubed the sliders etc. People in the OC Club have scoffed at this theory. They are usually the ones who suffer jammed calipers & rusty inner discs, whereas my Mk1 rears are fine at 146,00 miles, and I only had to renew our 2002 Sport's last year at 98,000 miles. And that is in a car whose rear discs....are bigger than the fronts! It was a tip I picked up years back from a guy ( engineer) in the Monza OC.
  8. Oldspice

    Hi from Falkirk

    Mmmm. Dunno about babe magnet for me. Perhaps the baby-seat in the rear was a turn off. Burds are a bit orange tanned & Argos fake gold & skanky around here. Anyhow, being married to a quiet but stunning Highlander girl, the thought of a sharp claymore around my nuts when asleep would not have appealed. The only magnetic effect, it seemed at the time, were Halfrauds Deal over-tyred shyte boxes ( Novas, Chevettes if they had not dissolved, FWD Escorts etc) of all descriptions piloted by kamikazi dog-breathed zit-squeezers trying to "take me on". I usually let them go in the fervent hope that Darwinism did it's work and they impaled into a fence further up the road to stop them breeding. I guess the Mike the Pipe zorsts probably attracted the wrong kind of attention as well. Mind you, Stealth Capri cost me 6 points & £350.00 in the one single speeding fine I've ever had in 1.4 million miles ( estimated) over 45 years. Got "done" allegedly...I say allegedly....low-flying up the A74 one night doing, it was ALLEGEDLY stated....138mph. Utter nonsense. I'm certain it was more. All on my own, perfect empty "track"...sorry...public road. I'd be banned today of course. Allegedly, it took the Jam Sandwich 4 miles to catch up from their standing start at the last Little Chef northbound.
  9. Oldspice

    Hi from Falkirk

    Yes & No Gel. Throttle was very smooth& linear and a longer travel from "standard". This was deliberate so, say in wet or greasy conditions, it was simple to dial in 40 horses or 200 plus...whatever it was. It was a second car, having a company car for daily use, so it hardly saw a wet day. If I recall, the tires I ended up with were Avon Turbo-Speeds, which were quite sticky bit oh-so-soft so getting more than 8k out the rears was nigh impossible...with the torque ripping out the center treads no matter what you did with the pressures. It was a difficult balance with rear pressures to avoid axle-tramp under full bore due to side wall flex, or too hard to induce mid-bump oversteer. I tended to keep them softer for ultimate mechanical grip, but rapid wear was the pay-off but better than trying to re-model a tree. Trees usually win. Oddly, this car was marginally more economical than standard if driven Ms Daisy. However, in anger around 14/18 MPG was about right . Who cared?
  10. Oldspice

    Oldspice's Mk2.5 Sport

    Prising the keys out of SWMBO's hands is generally an exercise in futility. However, it's amazing what a roll of gaffer tape and garden ties can achieve. Allegedly.? Hopefully, the Mk1 will be ready to rock by then anyway.
  11. Oldspice

    Hi from Falkirk

    However, I am much more sensible these days. Hopefully have destroyed my last engine. Nice "new" one.
  12. Oldspice

    Hi from Falkirk

    Incidentally, I mis-quoted myself in saying "Both 2.8'i" One was a " normal160 bhp" It was truly awful on a number of rot & reliability levels so it got flipped. The other as described (concourse show car) would have wiped the Mx5 off the map!
  13. Oldspice

    Oldspice's Mk2.5 Sport

    So is the driver, but I ain't posting a photo of her!?
  14. Oldspice

    Hi from Falkirk

    Mine was a "stealth" job. I was not the clever one. I bought it as was from a CC international guru who had modified it very sensibly with Burton heads, and a Vulcan balanced & blued all steel bottom end. I never found out for sure, but it was reputed to have been bored out to 3.1...which I thought was only for the Essex mills. To keep it all from visiting hedges, it had the famous Scorpion A brackets to stop the single leaf rear springs moving around, plus drilled Tarox front rotors, and some sort of rear mods to the drums. Upgraded injectors, Mike the Pipe extractors, and numerous other "In Club" tweaks I'd never heard of. Never felt under-braked. Performance? Staggering for the day. 190BHP at the tires as I recall from a Club rolling road day. Probable 210-odd at the flywheel. Wet weather kamikazi though. The best thing? Standard looking in every way till you prodded the beast and unleashed hell. Pure torque tsunami form the blaring V6. Ate two trannys though...so fitted a Sierra 5 speeder which was common. Nobody but I had a clue about it's capabilities. If I'm honest, the car was a better driver than me...it was very forgiving in the dry. All in all, a wolf in sheep's clothing and ruddy mental if needed. Preferably in a straight line. Stuff like low-buck 924s and the like had no chance. Seriously. Even a 944 tried to take it one day coming back from Edinburgh airport. I could not exactly get away, but neither could he keep up sufficiently to dispense us. Had to sell it when my son was born, and SWMBO told me to get something bigger and more sensible. I did. A Courteney Turbo's Opel Monza with 300 BHP under it. Well, it was bigger, and I sold it to her as " an estate car" given the size of it.
  15. Oldspice

    Oldspice's Mk2.5 Sport

    Oldspice's Mk2.5 Sport

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