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Dave's 2008 MINI Cooper 2nd gen

Traded in my TypeR Civic for a MINI Cooper 08 plate (now known as Carly Cooper!) a while back as the running costs were just too much (as was the over stiff suspension!). Been running this around 2 years now and have to admit it's a great wee car! Mega fun on twisty back roads as it handles like a go kart, enough power to have fun with and cheap as chips to run.
So this is what she was like when bought, just totally standard apart from being optioned with the chrome line kit for the exterior and interior wise she has the optional mood lighting.

First thing to be done was to replace the timing chain, guides and tensioner as these are a known weak spot of the 1.6 engine in these. Next up, we go her racing stripes from BMW and Gayle and me fitted them ourselves. We were quite proud, managed to get them bob on straight both sides!

Next up, decided to beef up her rump! Was originally looking for a MINI Cooper S rear spoiler, but found a rare "Aero spoiler" which are hard to come by so bought that and fitted it. Luckily, it was already in the same colour as her roof, so bolted straight on.
Nice bit of kit, and went well with the black/sparkling silver theme.

One thing I really didn't like were the 15 inch alloys that came standard on her. Really wanted a set of Cade alloys same as i have on the civic Aerodeck, so after a bit of searching eventually find a nice set of 17's which had the spokes in black (which is what I was going to paint them) and polished rims. Not Cades but ZCW alloys, which look almost identical. Got them 2nd hand for the bargain price of £100!
Had to get special wheel nuts for them as the standards were too short, so got tuner spec ones which fitted a treat. Think the wheels really changed the look of her and go so well with the black/chrome that's on her.

A quick shot of the interior

Next up, decided I didn't want to get stranded with a puncture (previous escapade on a club run in my typeR prompted this!) so searched again and found the full space saver wheel fitment kit (including the wheel). Bit of a faff to fit but got it done and don't have to worry now If we get a puncture (although where we put the wheels that comes off is a different story!)

Future plan is to fit the Pure DAB kit to her (identical to the Alpine kit) so I can have USB/DAB/Aux inputs etc. Looking at possibly an induction kit and if the exhaust ever goes, that'll be replaced with a stainless steel one. No plans to lower this as it's my daily.

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